MKFC completes its project ”eTeacher Training at Teacher Training Colleges” Rwanda with the collaboration of Innovation for Education and Ministry of Education Rwanda. The project was funded by [ ]DFID. The project was considered as one of the best project among 26 project on innovation for education. Following are some important key developments of the project.

  • Throughput rate > 90%
    • 90 teachers are ICT competent, active participants in local and online communities, change agents by sharing knowledge.
    • 11 future eTutors have achieved 100% satisfaction rate from teacher training colleges.
    • Significant positive change towards student-centered teaching approach and pedagogical use of ICT.
    • 6 Teacher Training Colleges involved in Project (Save, Matimba, Rubengera, Kiambo, Gacuba II, Lycee de Kigali)
    • Starting of MOODLE at Rwandan Education Board for future eLearning
    • Technical training of staff for local takeover of MOODLE