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MKFC Community

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Stockholms FolkhögskolaEducation FinderSharing Awareness

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MKFC Stockholms Folkhögskola är en av rörelseskolorna (RIO). Profilen hos MKFC Stockholms Folkhögskola är eLärande med etnisk mångfald. Lärandet sker i sociala nätmiljöer med lärarhandledning.

eLärandet har möjliggjort individuella kursplaner för var och en, samtidigt som var och en deltar i en gemensam LÄROprocess.

MKFC Stockholms Folkhögskola har kurser både på grundskole- och gymnasienivå samt på eftergymnasial nivå.

I kurser på gymnasienivå kan du få behörighet i de gymnasiegemensamma ämnena samt i en del särskilda behörigheter. Gymnasiegemensamma ämnen ligger integrerade i MKFC-kurspaketen som annars är byggda på kursspecifika karaktärsämnen.

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Education Finder ( EF ) has evidence of learning successes from 15 years of eLearning practice. eLearning has made it possible for everyone to take part in quality education wherever they live and whenever they want to. EF has been a pioneer in developing and practicing distance education and received the Boldic Award in 008 ( for the implementation of eLearning methods.

The basis of the success has been: governmental support, approval and appreciation from the management of the schools and committed teachers. In year 2000, MKFC transferred all its courses to the Internet and since then we have had a strong commitment to follow the development of eLearning in order to constantly meet the needs of students everywhere and to support inclusive Education for All.

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Sharing Awareness is a nonprofit, religiously and politically independent organization working with Teacher Training projects. We are working closely with local partners to improving the quality of education by training unqualified teachers.

Our vision is that every child should have the best teacher

By using progressive methods and ideas, focusing on e-learning in authentic school environments, the teacher training programmes we support are high quality, cost-effective, and extremely flexible. And by basing all our work on local needs and wishes, we can ensure that the exchange of knowledge

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MKFC Stockholms Folkhögskola
Mäster Samuelsgatan 42, 13 tr
111 57 Stockholm, SWEDEN

Phone: +46-8-21 64 26

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Stockholms folkhögskola

Education Finder

SFI distans

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